4th International Workshop on

Mining Actionable Insights from Social Networks

April 20, 2020 - Taipei, Taiwan

Topics of interest

We solicit original, unpublished and innovative research work on all aspects of the theme of this workshop. The topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Descriptive modeling and analysis of real-world (social) networks.
  • Social network analysis and measures (network topology, centrality measures, community detection, dynamic network models, diffusion models).
  • Analysis of social media, viral marketing and the spreading of fake news.
  • Predictive modeling based on social networks such as box office prediction, election prediction, and flu prediction.
  • Product adaptation models with social networks such as sale price prediction, new product popularity prediction, brand popularity, and business downfall prediction.
  • Information diffusion modeling with social networks such as sentiment diffusion in social networks and competitive intelligence.
  • User modeling and social networks including predicting daily user activities, recurring events, user churn prediction.
  • Social networks and information/knowledge dissemination such as topic and trend prediction, prediction of information diffusion patterns, and identification of causality and correlation between event/topics/communities.
  • Social influence analysis on online social networks (systems and algorithms for discovering influential users, secommending influential users in online social networks, social influence maximization, modeling social networks and behavior for discovering influential users, discovering influencers for advertising and viral marketing in social networks, decision support systems and influencer discovering).
  • Merging internal (proprietary) data with social data.
  • Trust and reputation in social networks.
  • Feature engineering for and from social networks.
  • New datasets and evaluation methodologies for predictive modeling in social networks.